Custom Process

Five easy steps to get your custom order going.

Step 1 - Choose your products

We have over 2 dozen different garment types which you can see in our product pages. Contact us and we can send out samples.

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Step 2 - Design your items

We can create an all new design for you, or adapt a design or idea that you already have.


We have a design package that's very popular, and economical.

For just $65 plus GST, we'll incorporate your ideas, colours and logos* and create you an original design plus a couple of variations. We'll also do the first set of changes if required and then apply the design to all the different garments in your order. In total you will get about two hours of graphic design work.

If you want to invest more time and money into creating the perfect design then we are happy to work with you. Work done beyond the $65 package is charged at $50 per hour.

Colour Matching

If your colours need to match an existing corporate identity please give us the Pantone (PMS) colours you require, or send us a printed example to match. 


Logos should be supplied in vector format so we can resize them without losing quality.

Vector format logos will be a file type such as .eps, .ai, or .pdf (although non-vector graphics can be saved in those formats).

File types such as .gif, .jpg, .tif or .png aren't vector graphics and generally aren't suitable.

We'll always help you to find the right formats, but if you can't we will have to redraw them and a charge of $50 per hour will apply.

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Step 3 - Complete your order

When you have decided on the design and details you can confirm the order by signing off on the design, the order and our terms of trade. Then once the 50% deposit is received we'll begin production.

If you manage a team, you definitely will love the Tineli Team Store to manage the collation of individual members' orders, details and payments.


Tineli Team Store

The Tineli Team Store makes team managers' lives easy by automating the collation of individual members' orders, details and payments.

The team manager will set a deadline by when all orders must be confirmed and paid. When that deadline passes we'll stop taking orders, and start production of the whole group order.


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Step 4 - Get it made

Production time varies depending on workload, but it's usually around six weeks. Let us know in advance if you have an event so we can work towards that date. Otherwise we'll give you an ETA, accurate to within one or two days, when the order is placed.


Step 5 - Receive your shipment

Pretty self explanatory really, we deliver the gear and you go and ride in it.

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